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October 26
• Edited (Oct 26, 2023)

Since the referendum, Cuppa has been inundated with requests to help people heal and to find out what more can be done. We decided to create a conversational space with Indigenous leader and author of The Dreaming Path, Paul Callaghan, to sit with us and create a place of understanding and hope. 

You can watch the replay here or click the video below

During this moving conversation we reflected on the emotion that now exists, the gap to reconciliation, how to galavanise together, what to focus on now and how we can heal in this process. 

Paul also shared a number of different ways that individuals like you can be a part of the healing. Which one of the below will you do today?

  1. Understand our story and research history

  2. Learn about Aboriginal arts and artists to hear there story

  3. Do research 

  4. Watch Indigenous movies and television

  5. Read books

  6. Connect with local community

  7. Call out racism

  8. Educate others in your social circles 

  9. Build relationships with First Nations people 

  10. Create culturally safer places

  11. Support Aboriginal businesses

  12. Acknowledge and care for country

  13. Make reconciliation everyone’s business

  14. Ask Aboriginal people/Elders in

  15. Support Aboriginal fund raisers

  16. Empower Aboriginal voices

  17. Volunteer

  18. Celebrate at home with purchases of genuine Aboriginal artwork and other merchandise

  19. Attend community events

  20. Stay with us at Cuppa 

There may have been a NO but lets focus on NOW WHAT 

Cuppa Crew


REPLAY: From 'NO' to 'NOW W...

FREE ACCESSSince the referendum Cuppa has been inundated with...
September 26

Get the tissues ready as this was one of the most powerful episodes EVER on

For International Day of World Indigenous Peoples this was a conversation that had us hooked from start to finish. 

The passion, perspective, emotions and wisdom shared in this episode between Aboriginal leader Paul Callaghan and Māori man Jase Te Patu is one we want as many people to watch. 


Replay: A moving conversati...

FREE ACCESS"Our best ever episode on Cuppa" Cookie Cuppa...