8 Conversations in May

Get ready to elevate you and your team during the month of May! Some of the country's experts are gathering in Cuppa to improve how you lead, communicate, create and manage your time!

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2 x Masterclasses (60 minutes)

Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander

Life, Leadership & Longevity

Thursday 19th May at 12pm (AEST)

Shannah and Colleen are two of the most dynamic thought leaders of our time on leadership, health and well being and high performance.

You'll learn
  • Life - Committing to owning your life.

    Values – Redefine your values and purpose.

    Future Vision – Create your personal and professional vision and roadmap.

  • Leadership – Committing to being a leader of influence. 

    Culture – Learn how to build, implement, and lead an empowered culture. 

    Goals – Clarify your goals for the year ahead.

  • Longevity – Committing to fulfilment and longevity in life. 

    Burnout – Understand and prevent burnout.

    Self-Care – Identify the essential pillars of self-care.

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Kamal Sarma, Jane Hutcheon & Oscar Trimboli

Strengthening our conversations

Thursday 26th May at 12pm (AEST)

Get ready for a masterclass that features three incredible experts to help elevate your conversations and in turn improve your performance.

You'll learn
  • How to improve your conversations in the modern working world

  • Why now more than ever we need to strengthen our conversational muscle

  • The tools & solutions that will improve the way you communicate and listen

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6 x Morning Cuppa Conversations (30 minutes)

Your morning Cuppa never looked so good! Fill up your cup with these incredible conversations.

*Tuesday and Friday mornings at 8.30am AEST & replays available

Creativity & Ideas Wade Kingsley

Learn how to improve your creativity and ideas for you and your team

Mindset Gill Hicks

Gill survived the London terror attacks and will help you and your team improve your mindset and outlook on life

Trust Robin Dreeke

Learn how to build trust from a former FBI agent who was tasked to find spies in the Russian government

Resilience Chad Foster

Resilience is built on visualizing greatness regardless of circumstances

Timewise Amantha Imber

Learn the tools and tips to improve your productivity

Impact Sean Hall

The neuroscience and psychology of creativity, innovation and problem solving

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