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With over 150 experts to choose from we know what it takes to improve the well-being, performance and belonging of your employees and customers.

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The Dreaming Path

Grab a Cuppa and learn from Indigenous leader & author Paul Callaghan on the dreaming path to true well-being, connection & purpose.

An interactive session that will get you and your team thinking about what is important in life

Mental health


Dr Mark Cross is Australia's most loved psychiatrist!

Why? Because he not only has the right tools to support your team with anxiety & overwhelm but also shares his own personal journey with anxiety in the conversation.

Kristina Karlsson
Purpose & Goals


Come and join the former founder of Kikki K as we take you through a live and interactive 'dreaming' workshop.

This conversation will have you and your team thinking of the future and not the past.

Kerri Pottharst

Gold Medal Mindset

Have a Cuppa with Gold medal winner Kerri Pottharst and hear what it takes to build a Gold medal mindset for you and your team.

Fadi X
Perspective & Purpose

The Potential In You

Imagine not being recognised by any country as it's citizen! That means no education, healthcare, drivers license, passport, no 'official' last name etc.

Meet Fadi X who was born 'Stateless' but now lives in Australia working a large company! How does one man who is not recognised by any country get to live in Australia? People saw his potential and not his limitations! A Cuppa worth having for you and your team


Transitions In Life

At 53 years of age John transitioned to Joanna and from that moment life changed in many ways leaving her with only .70c in the bank. JJ Ferrari now helps individuals navigate transitions in our lives and help build our own self esteem.

Transitions exist in many forms career, relationships, money, business, etc so lets grab a Cuppa with JJ and help you and your team.

Commando Steve

Walk, Talk and Workout

Put on your sneakers and let Cuppa and Commando Steve take you on a walk, talk and workout. This session will help start the conversation on how as a team you can stay fit, healthy and mindful together.

We promise there won't be any burpees, unless you want there to be!


Words That Leave An Impact

Maz knows a thing or two about creating impact. In fact the content she has produced has been viewed over 8 billion times globally.

This conversation will get you and your team thinking about the white noise you give out through the way you talk about yourself and your brand. Maz will help you and your team deliver killer information with the power of a cement fist in a cashmere glove!


Life After Footy - A Mental Health Journey

Greg Inglis was one of the greatest ever players to play NRL. His career had the highest of highs playing for his country, state and culture + winning Grand Finals.

He has also been very open about his Mental Health battles and how his purpose now is to support others in navigating mental health challenges. Grab a Cuppa and support your team


Becoming A Deep Listener

What's the cost of not listening in your organisation?

Oscar Trimboli is a deep listening expert with all the powerful tools that your team need to hear. In this interactive session we identify which listening villain you are along with how as a team you can improve your productivity and performance just by listening.


Be Your Own Mentor

Gill is a powerful and thought-provoking communicator, challenging us to think deeply about the relationship we have with the world around us, with each other and importantly hold with ourselves.

Her vital work, particularly in countering violent extremism, became her focus after she was left severely and permanently injured from the actions of a suicide bomber in the coordinated terrorist attack on London’s transport network in July 2005.


Creative Leadership

Wade Kingsley is a Creativity Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator from Australia. He is currently the Australian Ambassador for World Creativity & Innovation Week. In this conversation you will learn:

- How to become creative in your leadership
- How to lead a creative workforce
- 3 core things that promote creative leadership


Financially F*%ked To Freedom

With over 20 years’ experience leading, coaching and training global teams through complex and large-scale transformations, Alice is renowned for her ability to bring leaders, teams and individuals together to achieve exceptional results through values alignment, mindset and behavioural change.

Alice's own personal journey of drug addiction and financial debt to now being successful and financially free will motivate you and your team.

Mental Health

Solving The Insecurity Problem

What is holding back you and your team from reaching success in work and life?

Jaemin Frazer is an expert in solving insecurities which he fundamentally believes is what is holding us all back from achieving what we want in life.

This was one of our most popular lunch and learns in 2021


Strengthening Your Conversational M.U.S.C.L.E

With the many issues we are facing around HYBRID WORKING, MENTAL HEALTH, LONELINESS, DIVERSITY, EQUALITY, CHANGE etc, this is truly the time to understand that conversations matter.

Cuppa host Cookie will take you on a interactive conversational journey where he will unlock the importance of finding ways to strengthen your teams conversational muscle to improve connection, inclusion and performance.

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