LGBTQIA+ Conversations

Private Speaking Opportunities, Masterclasses and Content Licensing 

Conversations that make a difference offers a range of LGBTQIA+ solutions designed to help businesses foster inclusivity, educate their teams, and create an environment that embraces diversity.

Our comprehensive solutions include private speaking engagements, virtual masterclasses, articles, content licensing, and tailored events.

With, you can ensure that you and your team have access to the knowledge and resources needed to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Tap into our expert talent for private speaking engagements (virtual or in person) 

LGBTQIA+ Masterclasses offers expert-led virtual masterclasses for LGBTQIA+ support. Tailored to key dates like Mardi Gras, Pride Month, and Wear It Purple, our sessions create an inclusive environment by providing essential knowledge and tools.

Empower your team to be active allies and advocates, promoting empathy and respect. Join for virtual masterclasses that support the LGBTQIA+ community year-round.

Rent Content

Cuppa has hundreds of LGBTQIA+ related conversation that you can rent from us and place into your newsletters, websites, social media channels, community hubs, emails, etc. 

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