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LIVE - Friday 2nd of December
Morning Cuppa - 8.30am (AEDT)

Matt Levy

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is held on 3 December each year.

IDPwD is a United Nations observed day aimed at increasing public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability.

Joining us for a Cuppa is Paralympian Matt Levy.

With over 22 years experience on international stage. Matt has been to 5 consecutive Paralympic Games. Winning a total of 9 medals. 3 Gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze medals. One of the most successful swimmers in Australian Paralympic history.

He has recorded 5 World Records and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to sport.

Matt born premature at 25 week with Cerebral Palsy and he is legally blind. He had approximately 40-50 operations ranging from Heart, Lungs, brain and ear. From the very beginning life was a challenge the support of my parents and countless medical professionals.

He started swimming when he as 5 or 6 and found it was a great way to get my limbs moving and improve my health.

When he was 12 years old, he competed for the first time at the NSW state championships – not particularly successfully but competition was now in his blood.

LIVE - Tuesday 6th of December
Morning Cuppa - 8.30am (AEDT)

Will Stewart

Come and join former MKR winner & RUOK Day ambassador Will Stewart and Cuppa host Cookie in the kitchen for a conversation around Mental Health. During the conversation Will Stewart will be in the kitchen cooking up a simple recipe that you can do at home whilst talking about the ingredients needed for delicious food and mental health.

LIVE - Friday 9th of December
Morning Cuppa - 8.30am (AEDT)

Jase Te Patu

Come and join us as we meet one of the best mindfulness coaches on the other side of the Tasman, Jase Te Patu. Through Māori storytelling, Jase will help us set the right plan for 2023 for our mindfulness and movement goals.

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BELONGING Topics include: Disability, First Nations, Sexuality, Inclusion, Equality, Cultures, Sustainability + more
WELL-BEING Topics include: Mental Health, Relationships, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, Financial + more
PERFORMANCE Topics include: Leadership, Mindset, Communication, Productivity, Goal Setting, Creativity + more
BELONGING Topics include: Disability, First Nations, Sexuality, Inclusion, Equality, Cultures, Sustainability + more

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The popularity of our conference has been elevated by Cuppa! The chatroom goes off as soon as your “In Da House”!! You’re like rock stars!!! LOL. I’ve had so many people message me and tell me how good these sessions are… so thank you

DeAnn Gilliver Engagement Operations Co-ordinator

By really listening to our needs, Cuppa.tv delivered a series of engaging online collaborations and a tailored community for our people to stay connected, motivated and inspired at a time when we needed it most.

Natalie Devlin Chief Experience Officer at Charter Hall

“ The Cuppa sessions have been incredible. They surface important topics such as Diversity, Mental Health and Sustainability and create conversations that otherwise may not be heard. Personally I have found them invaluable as they have broadened my view of the world and allowed be to better understand the challenges we face and the opportunities to make things better. Our team constantly tell us that the sessions have a positive impact on their well-being and I highly recommend these sessions to any business . ”

Jim Batchelor Managing Director at Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Cuppa was really there for us last year when we needed it most, supporting our mental and physical wellness, enhancing our learning and development and enriching the impact and quality of our conversations. We are thrilled to be able to be there for Cuppa in 2022 as it evolves to amplify the value it delivers through its experts and partnerships.

Rebecca Heredia Director, Human Resources

Thank you for being a friend. I’ve been doing lock down on my own and whilst I was working from home I found your conversations very interesting, educational and thoroughly enjoyed listening in on every single cafe chat.

Jenny - Australia Cuppa Community Member

Thankyou for creating Cuppa. It’s helped greatly to break the stigma surrounding mental health but also understand what experts do to improve the lives of others. All I can say is thank you Cuppa and this wonderful community / second family. 

Megan - United Kingdom Cuppa Community Member

I want to thank you for your time this year. I have found these talks extremely interesting and it has opened my eyes to aspects of my personal life that I want to change to become a better person.

James - Australia Cuppa Community Member

Congratulations on building something meaningful and truly engaging during a year that did its best to divide people and make us feel alone. There are not many reasons I would sit in front of a screen for one more second than necessary each day but Cuppa was one of them.

Julie - Australia Cuppa Community Member

Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work? 

Team leaders can purchase a subscription for their employees on a per-user basis. When you purchase access for your team you get more than just the incredible content we serve you; you also get access to data & analytics, ability to book talent for private events, additional resources to support you, and other bespoke support and leadership opportunities. 

Once you commit to Cuppa we will help you implement the full menu successfully with your team.


How much does it cost? 

The cost of cuppa is dependent on which cup (small, medium, large or travel mug) you want to access for your business, along with how many individual memberships you want to buy for your team/company.

To understand more on our pricing we recommend booking in a demo here: https://cuppa.tv/corporate-enquiry

What do our team get access to?

You and your team get full access to all live and on-demand content on the Cuppa platform. This includes our live morning Cuppas (2 per week), live masterclasses (2 per month) and also a library of 100s of on-demand original content pieces from our experts.

How does the on-boarding process work? 

Once you sign-up to Cuppa, our team will walk you through the on-boarding process and provide you all the marketing assets you need to make Cuppa a success throughout your organisation. 

You will also receive a unique code for your business to distribute to your team for them to use the first time they log into Cuppa.tv.

What topics do you cover? 

From mindset and leadership to body language to laughter….you name it, we cover it. And if we don't, let us know and we will!  Our focus is around the 3 key pillars of Well-being, Performance and Belonging and situated within these 3 pillars are sub-categories such as mental health, deep listening and culture (to name a few).

The main thing to note is that we focus our conversations on topics that are going to make a meaningful difference to a person's work & life. If you want someone to teach your staff how to do excel spreadsheets, we recommend trying a different provider.

Do you communicate directly with my team? 

We have regular emails scheduled that go out to our community with highlights from the platform, announcements about upcoming sessions, and other useful tidbits of information from our experts. If you'd prefer to handle all the communication with your teams, that's fine too. We can exclude your people from the regular comms, and direct it instead to those in your business in charge of making Cuppa a success within your organisation, who can then communicate what’s happening on Cuppa with your team members.

What happens if someone leaves my organisation?

Once you sign up, we provide you with access to a data and analytics dashboard which you have control over…this dashboard also gives you the ability to decide who to on-board or remove access for. 

Once an employee leaves your organisation and you remove them from your dashboard, they will be given the option to become an individual member themselves the next time they log in, or to close their account.

How can I make Cuppa successful in my organisation?

Since launching in 2020 we have seen plenty of companies do a fantastic job of integrating Cuppa inside their business, and there have been others who haven't done so well. The core to Cuppa’s success comes down to 3 things:

  1. How galvanised are the leadership team in embracing Cuppa 

  2. A successful on-boarding process

  3. Utilising it in everyday communication with teams

We've created a ‘10 ways to make Cuppa a success’ document which is shared with all clients during on-boarding. Please enquire to find out more. 

If I want to buy more memberships for my team or company once I sign on is that possible? 

Absolutely! The more the merrier. Just get in contact with your Cuppa crew member for more access.

Can I book experts for private events for my business? 

Yes 100%. Fill in this form on our website and our team will connect you with the most relevant experts for your brief / event type. Click here https://cuppa.tv/corporate-enquiry


Do I have to buy a yearly subscription? 

If you want to join our Cuppa community you have the ability to purchase a monthly or yearly membership. The benefit of joining the yearly membership is that you will save 10% ($23.94) 

What do I get access to? 

By joining the Cuppa community you get access to our live morning Cuppa sessions (2 per week), our live lunch & learns (estimated 2 per month) and access to our on-demand library of 100’s of conversations with our incredible experts. 

We also have other exciting things planned which our Cuppa community will benefit greatly from…stay tuned! 

What happens if I can’t attend the live sessions? 

Each live session is recorded and a replay link will be made available for you to watch in your own time that same day.

How do I cancel/change my membership or update my details? 

Visit https://watch.cuppa.tv/settings

How do I get help if I am experiencing technical issues?

Visit https://watch.cuppa.tv/help


When is it on? 

We host our LIVE  Morning Cuppa sessions every Tuesday and Friday morning at 8.30am (AEST/AEDT). On occasions the days may change to suit one of our talent or if there is a key date that we want to acknowledge or align to.

What does the morning Cuppa consist of? 

In each session we have a live conversation with an expert on a specific subject matter. Each session is highly interactive where you can join our community in the chatroom, answer polls or download documents. 

How long does the morning Cuppa go for? 

Our morning Cuppa’s tend to go for 30 minutes. On occasions we may run over slightly but mostly we are on time.

What happens if I can't attend a live session? 

Don’t worry each session is recorded and will be made available on Cuppa.tv. We also notify our community of some of the key learnings after the sessions via an email 

Do you send reminders around each morning Cuppa? 

The platform has an ‘add to calendar’ function which we recommend you using so you never miss a session. We also send out weekly emails which will also serve as a great reminder of all that is happening on the platform. 

Do I have to sign up for the full membership to get access to Morning Cuppa? 

Yes, Morning Cuppa only exists for our members.


What are your monthly themes? 

Our monthly themes have been created to go deeper on specific topic areas. During the month you will get access to specific content (live and on-demand) related to that topic for you and/or your team.

How many monthly themes are you planning to do? 

Some of our monthly themes for 2022 are below, and we are still working on adding some more: 

MARCH - D&I-scover - focus on diversity, inclusion and belonging

MAY - Performance - how to perform better as leaders, teams, for customers & individuals

SEPTEMBER - Spring into you -  a full month focused on wellness topics

OCTOBER - You’ve got this - supporting all areas of Mental Health to tie in with Mental health awareness month

DECEMBER - A purposeful life - centred on community, giving and purpose

What do you get access to? 

In each of our monthly themes you will get access to: 

  • 2-3 Live Lunch and Learn Masterclasses (60 minutes in length)

  • Up to 40 on-demand videos to learn from around the monthly theme (1 minute to 10 minutes in length) 

Are the monthly themes part of the regular Cuppa membership for companies and individuals? 

Yes! If you are a member (Company or individual) you get access to all our monthly themes. 

Can I purchase the monthly themes even if I am not a regular Cuppa member? (Corporate or individual) 

Yes! If you are not a regular member you can just buy access for yourself or your team to our monthly themes.

The cost is $14.95 per user and you will receive 30 days access to that specific theme page and not any other part of the Cuppa.tv website.


How does Cuppa choose the experts that appear? 

Our experts are carefully selected for the stories they have, the knowledge they bring and the tips they share. We have interviewed over 300+ experts so far in Cuppa and we’re always trying and find a relevant or unique angle so our experts don’t just share the same conversation.  

How can I become an expert? 

If you or someone you know wants to become an expert of Cuppa then please send through your details, the topics you cover and any appropriate links to enquiry@cuppa.tv