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Why Cuppa masterclass bundles for your team?


You get to choose which of the 36+ conversational masterclasses across the year you want to add to your bundle!


We pride ourselves in making our solutions the most cost effective in the market and tailored to your business size.


Are you constantly trying to source solutions for key dates or initiatives in your corporate calendar?

We have all your key dates (NAIDOC Week, International Womens Day, RUOK Day! and others) plus other key conversations covered.


Subject matter experts having conversations with other subject matter experts is our ultimate learning recipe. hosts and the masterclasses they will be leading with other subject matter experts!

We gather top professionals in the field in one place for 36+ masterclasses across Wellbeing, Work Performance and Belonging pillars

Cam Merchant


  1. Values: Purpose, Boundaries & Self-care (April)

  2. Men's Health Week (June)

  3. Fathers Day - Parenting & relationships (Sept)

  4. RUOK? Day - (Sept)

  5. World Mental Health Day - Vulnerability (Oct)

  6. International Men's Day (Nov)

Laura Piccardi


  1. Improving sleep (March)

  2. Mothers Day - Parenting, Career & Life (May)

  3. Nutrition - Gut Health (july)

  4. Body Image (Aug)

  5. Women's Health Week (Sept)

  6. Vision& Goal Setting (Dec)

Gill Hicks


  1. Pride (Feb)

  2. International Women's Day (Mar)

  3. Panel on DE&I (June)

  4. Wear it Purple (Aug)

  5. International Day of the Girl (Oct)

  6. International Day of People with Disabilities (Dec)

Paul Callaghan

(First Nations Thinking)

  1. World Harmony Day (March)

  2. Reconciliation (May)

  3. NAIDOC Week (July)

  4. International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (Aug)

  5. Storytelling history & importance (Sept)

  6. TBC (Nov)

Shannah Kennedy + Colleen Callander

(Elevate Leadership)

  1. Reset values and vision (Mar)

  2. Leading in a modern working world (May)

  3. Leading with confidence & ambition (June)

  4. Leadership Panel on Culture (Aug)

  5. Longevity for leaders and teams (Sept)

  6. TBC (Nov)

Sean Hall

(Elevate team performance)

  1. Creativity & flow on-demand (Mar)

  2. Fostering Teamwork and Psychological Safety (May)

  3. Developing A Growth Mindset (June)

  4. Productivity & time management (July)

  5. Communication, Connection and Emotional Intelligence (Aug)

  6. Personal and Team Branding for Career Confidence (Oct)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it actually mean if my company buys a 5 x bundle masterclass?

This means you get to choose 5 of the 36+ Masterclasses we are hosting throughout the year for your team to access and watch

What happens once we purchase a bundle?

Our Cuppa Crew will be in contact and help you formulate your bundle pack.

You can choose all the sessions in one go or pick and choose as you go.

For each session you choose we will add that to your private bundle for your team to access

How do my team get access to the masterclasses?

Each bundle has a private link which will allow your team to access your live or replay sessions.

For your first session your team will need to create an account by entering in their name and work email address

Do you provide marketing colleterial so we can promote the masterclasses?

Each session will have it's own assets which we will share with you once you choose that session for the bundle.

Are there replays our team can access if they miss the session?

Yes each session is recorded and uploaded into your bundle for your team to watch in their own time

Do you provide reporting on team attendance?

Yes we can provide this detail to you if your request

How can we book an expert for a specific session with our team?

We recommend visiting our Book a talent page to submit a request to our Cuppa Crew

Acknowledgement to Country

Cuppa acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We are thankful from the lessons we have learned from the incredible First Nations people who have joined us for a Cuppa as we broadcast from the land that is and always will be Aboriginal land.