Cuppa Collective 
Cuppa Collective 

Cuppa Collective 

A private community for our thought leaders


A message from Cookie

Since launching Cuppa in 2020, I have worked closely with 100’s of thought leaders and often have shared in the pressures that exist in growing a business that aims to improve people and the world. 

This new Cuppa initiative helps us all galvanise together and lift each other up on our missions.

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Join the Cuppa Collective

A unique community for visionaries like you

Welcome to the Cuppa Collective, an exclusive community designed for the bright minds who have graced Cuppa with their insights. As a member of this private group, you're not just joining a network; you're stepping into new opportunities, learning and connections.

Here's what awaits you

Private Community Access

Private Community Access

Be a part of our exclusive ‘Cuppa Collective’ channel which is dedicated for you.

Engage in conversations with fellow thought leaders, seek advice, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, or share your unique journey.

Unlimited access to learning

Unlimited access to learning

Your quest for knowledge knows no bounds, and neither does your access to it.

Delve into an expansive collection of Cuppa conversations, ranging from complimentary insights to premium content.

Business development resources

Business development resources

As a member of the Cuppa Collective, gain access to a range of Cuppa-approved external services.

From book writing and podcast creation, commercial strategy, studio hire, photography, and social media assistance – we've got you covered.

Amplify your voice and knowledge

Amplify your voice and knowledge

Your insights are invaluable, and we want to give them the platform they deserve.

Contribute to our content and reach a dynamic and growing network of over 150+ leaders in people and culture who have joined our business brew community.

Insider insights: Be in the know

Insider insights: Be in the know

Get exclusive access to our bi-monthly Google Meet sessions.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends, updates from Cuppa, and invaluable insights from top experts in the field.

These sessions are your gateway to staying informed and influential.

Stay connected, On-the-go

Stay connected, On-the-go

The world moves fast, and so do you. With the Cuppa App, available on iOS and Android, your connection to this vibrant community is always at your fingertips.

Stay engaged, stay inspired, no matter where you are!

Special offers just for you

Special offers just for you

Enjoy exclusive deals and offers shared within our community.

These are hand-picked, tailored benefits that will be provided by Cuppa, other thought-leaders and our partners.

And there's more to come

And there's more to come

We're constantly evolving, just like you.

As we learn what you need from the community we will explore ways to make it even more personalised and tailored.

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What our thought leaders say about us

Paul Callaghan

In Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing, flow is very important. If we trust, the spirits take us to where we need to be. We flow like the river.


I am filled with gratitude that my life journey ‘flowed’ me to Cuppa TV.


For Australia to live the best story possible, we need its people to understand the Aboriginal story. One that transcends tens of thousands of years.


Cuppa has been a culturally safe, inspiring and powerful force in enabling this to happen. The world is a better place because of who Luke Cook is and what he believes in.


I can only hope his influence grows.

(Dr ) Gill Hicks AM MBE Hon. FRSA

Luke taught me a vital Life lesson through some of the most uncertain and challenging times; show up and be consistent.

Cuppa has grown into being a reliable source of information, inspiration, education and encouragement to be a part of a dynamic online and in person community, it is a privilege to be a part of it all and the positive difference Cuppa makes

Paul Watkins

Cookie' and Cuppa are akin to a swiss army knife of intelligent resources for businesses, thought leaders and professionals who truly value both their time and attention - they have a smart solution for every challenge.

I've been fortunate to experience all sides of Cuppa, from being interviewed, leveraging speaking opportunities and consuming some of the outstanding content.

At every touch point as a client, consumer and colleague, Cookie and Cuppa have gone above and beyond to foster a truly collaborative, functional and valuable network.

Dr. Delia McCabe

From the first Cuppa conversation I had with Cookie as C+ descended on Australia I knew that the Cuppa community was different - individuals, corporates and the whole community benefit from these important conversations. 

Not only have I enjoyed being interviewed by Cookie to support the Cuppa community and corporate clients, I've also thoroughly enjoyed connecting with other thought leaders in the Cuppa community and learning from them.

Cookie cares - deeply and passionately - about serving this community and I feel honoured to be able to share my message and learn from others, and be inspired by them, in such a collaborative and supportive environment.  

Sean Hall

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and frustrating journey. It's people like Cookie and the incredible humans I have had the privilege of interviewing on Cuppa.TV that have inspired me, built my confidence and lifted me up at the times I've needed it most. 

From commercial opportunities to just being a great ear for ideas, Cookie and the Cuppa team care about my success.

Betsy Westcott

Collaborating with Cookie and Cuppa TV has been absolutely instrumental in advancing my mission to improve the financial wellbeing of all Australians. Their steadfast support has been pivotal, enabling me to secure impactful speaking opportunities, forge lucrative corporate partnerships, and establish vital connections within the media industry. Working with Cuppa has served as a catalyst for accelerated growth and success in my business. I can't thank them enough.