January 03
• Edited (Jan 03, 2024)

Weekly Sip: The Real Deal on Words and Our 2024

Hey there! Grab your favourite cuppa, and let's dive into something that's seriously underrated yet massively impactful: the words we use to talk about ourselves. It's 2024, folks – time to get real about this.

Words: They're No Joke!

Picture this: Your words are like your daily coffee. What you brew is what you taste. Keep telling yourself "I'm not good enough," and that's the bitter cup you're drinking every day. But switch it up to "I'm getting better every day," and bam – you've got yourself a smoother blend.

Robyn Moore's Epic Take

Remember when Robyn Moore swung by Cuppa? She nailed it with her no-nonsense, yet super relatable advice on this stuff. Robyn was like, "Listen, what you say about yourself isn't just chit-chat. It's powerful." She mixed humor with hard truths, showing us how our casual self-talk can be a game changer.

2024: The Year of Talking Awesome

Okay, 2024 is here, and it's our shot at doing things differently. Let's ditch the formal self-help jargon and keep it straight. We're talking about tweaking those little phrases we tell ourselves daily. It's not about pretending everything's perfect. It's about shifting the lens a bit – seeing challenges as chances to grow, not just giant roadblocks.

Real Talk Conclusion

So, as we roll into this new year, let's make a pact. Let's pick our words like we pick our coffee – something that lifts us up, not drags us down. Inspired by Robyn's wise words, let's remember that changing how we talk to ourselves can genuinely change our game.

Here's to a 2024 filled with words that empower us. Cheers to that! 🍵

Take a moment to watch of the snackable moment with Robyn by clicking the video below 


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