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How can we support and uplift refugees?

Join Us for an Inspiring Conversation on Refugee Week!

Are you ready to be inspired by incredible stories of resilience and hope? 

Tune in to our latest video on, where we had the privilege of speaking with Yvonne Kelly from Glow Up Careers and Yaser Naseri, a remarkable individual who shared his journey from Iran to Australia.

Watch the replay here: 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understanding Refugee Week: Learn why this week is so important and how it fosters a sense of belonging and freedom for refugees.

  • Yaser’s Courageous Journey: Hear Yaser Naseri’s gripping story of escape from political persecution in Iran, surviving dangerous boat journeys, and finding a new home in Australia.

  • Humanising Refugees: Break down common misconceptions and see refugees as the diverse, skilled, and resilient individuals they are.

  • Advocacy and Support: Discover the amazing work Yvonne and Yaser are doing through Glow Up Careers to support refugees in finding meaningful employment.

  • Building Empathy and Understanding: Understand the importance of listening to refugee stories to foster a more inclusive society.

This conversation is not just about sharing stories; it’s about changing perceptions and building a community where everyone belongs. Don't miss out on this eye-opening and heartwarming discussion.

Watch now on and be part of the change!


Refugee Week

Join Us for an Inspiring Conversation on Refugee Week!Are you...

Discover the Secrets of Olympic Success with Lauren Burns

Join us for an intriguing conversation with Lauren Burns, Olympian gold medallist and PhD researcher. Learn about the power of performance alliances, the critical importance of support networks, and how these principles apply to both sport and business. Lauren’s engaging storytelling and practical insights will leave you inspired and ready to take on new challenges.

Click the video below 


Building Performance Allian...

Discover the Secrets of Olympic Success with Lauren BurnsJoin...

How do we support our team and foster a safe environment? 

Get ready to dive into an enlightening conversation with the brilliant Dr Suzy Green as we explore the essence of Safe and Connected Teams. This engaging discussion sheds light on how fostering a supportive environment can transform team dynamics and boost overall performance.

Watch the replay here:

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Psychological Safety: Learn why creating a psychologically safe space is crucial for team members to express themselves freely without fear of judgement.

  • Building Trust: Discover practical strategies for building trust within your team, leading to stronger collaborations and increased productivity.

  • Effective Communication: Uncover the secrets to enhancing communication, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued.

  • Emotional Well-being: Find out how prioritising emotional well-being can lead to happier, more engaged team members.

  • Leadership Insights: Gain valuable insights from Dr Green on the role of leaders in cultivating a connected and resilient team culture.

Join us on for this thought-provoking interview, and walk away with actionable tips to create a safer, more connected team environment. Don't miss it!

May 30
• Edited (May 30, 2024)

Discover the Secrets of Human Behaviour with Anneli Blundell and how to amplify voices on your team!

Join us for an insightful and engaging conversation with the incredible Anneli Blundell, a renowned expert in decoding human behaviour. This interview is packed with fascinating insights and practical tips that you can apply to your everyday interactions.

Watch the replay here: 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The key elements that influence our behaviour and how to understand them better

  • Practical techniques for improving your communication skills

  • Strategies for building stronger relationships both personally and professionally

  • The role of emotional intelligence in successful leadership

  • Tips on how to navigate difficult conversations with ease

Anneli's expertise shines through as she shares her wisdom in a relaxed and conversational style, making complex concepts easy to grasp. Whether you're looking to enhance your professional life or simply improve your personal interactions, this interview has something for everyone.

Don't miss out on this chance to gain valuable insights from one of the best in the field and start transforming your understanding of human behaviour today!

If you want to meet with Anneli and Cuppa to support please fill out an enquiry by Clicking Here


Silent Voices in Your Business

Discover the Secrets of Human Behaviour with Anneli Blundell...

Ever found yourself or your team buried under an avalanche of emails, reports, and never-ending tasks? 🤯 It's a common scene in the digital age, but what if there were a way to manage the overwhelm and not just survive, but thrive?

Join us for a riveting Eggshell conversation on with Dr. Delia McCabe, a leading light in the field of nutritional neuroscience, as she delves into the intricate dance between our brains, our diets, and the digital world. 🌿💡📲

If you want to meet with Dr Delia and Cuppa to support please fill out an enquiry by Clicking Here

In this eye-opening session, people leaders like you will uncover:

  • 🍽 How the food we eat directly influences our cognitive performance and stress levels. Are you fuelling your team for success or for stress?

  • 💤 The underestimated power of sleep and blood glucose stability in managing overwhelm. Could these be your secret weapons in enhancing team productivity?

  • 📵 Strategies to establish healthy digital boundaries. Is it time to rethink how and when your team engages with technology?

  • 🧠 Practical tips to create a workplace environment that supports mental well-being and minimises stress. Are you ready to lead the change?

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into nutritional neuroscience and its impact on workplace performance.

  • Understanding the role of technology in staff overwhelm and how to mitigate it.

  • The significance of blood glucose and sleep for cognitive function.

  • How to establish effective digital boundaries within your team.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform the way you lead and support your team in this fast-paced digital era. Tune in, take notes, and start the journey towards a more resilient, focused, and energised team. 🚀

Questions to ponder:

  • How might your current workplace policies be contributing to staff overwhelm?

  • In what ways can you immediately start to implement changes based on Dr. McCabe’s advice?

  • What steps will you take to ensure your team is fuelled, rested, and ready to tackle their tasks with vigour?

Let's make work a place where stress is managed and productivity soars. Watch the replay now on!


Ease the overwhelm of your ...

Ever found yourself or your team buried under an avalanche of...

Why Early-Stage Leaders Deserve More Love: Insights from Shane Hatton

In the bustling world of business, it’s easy to overlook the burgeoning talent nestled within your team, especially those early-stage leaders poised for greatness. Shane Hatton, a maestro in the realms of leadership and culture, recently shed light on this very topic, emphasising the pivotal role these leaders play in the success and vitality of an organisation.

There's people in the middle of the organisations who are kind of the overlooked people,” Hatton points out, stressing the gap in leadership development that many fail to bridge. The conversation with Hatton isn't merely an exchange of thoughts but a clarion call to action for businesses to rethink their approach to nurturing their nascent leaders.

The Missing Link in Leadership Development

According to Hatton, the leadership development spectrum seems polarised, with ample support at the very top and bottom tiers of an organisation, yet a glaring void in the middle. “It's kind of two layers of development. There's really senior leadership development programs... And then there's really technical training,” he observes. This leaves those in the crucial early stages of leadership in a bit of a lurch, underserved and underappreciated.

Why does this matter? As Hatton elucidates, the consequences of neglecting this crucial demographic can be dire, dragging down the overall capability of an organisation. “What ends up happening is the rest of the organisation above them gets pulled down to the level of the capability of those leaders,” he warns. It paints a clear picture: support your early-stage leaders, or risk the foundational strength of your entire team.

A Call to Nurture

The essence of Hatton’s message is not just to spotlight a problem but to encourage a solution. He champions the idea of investing in the growth and development of these emerging leaders, not just for their individual benefit but for the holistic success of the business. “The value of investing in those leaders can help your organisation continue to move forward,” Hatton advises, highlighting the ripple effect of such an investment.

This is where initiatives like the 'So Now You’re A Leader' course come into play. Designed with the early-stage leader in mind, this course fills the void that Hatton speaks of, offering a comprehensive toolkit for those looking to grow their leadership capabilities from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to give these leaders the love and attention they so richly deserve, ensuring they, and in turn, the organisations they serve, thrive.

The Verdict?

Supporting early-stage leaders isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have for businesses aiming for success in today’s competitive landscape. “I reckon one of the dangers... is more important to be aware of what happens when we lose that,” Hatton reflects on the peril of neglect. His words serve as a potent reminder of the importance of fostering leadership at every level.

If you’re keen to give your early-stage leaders the love they deserve and propel your business to new heights, 'So Now You’re A Leader' course might just be the stepping stone you need. Let’s not overlook those in the middle; instead, let’s uplift them, empower them, and watch as they help steer the ship to uncharted territories of success and beyond.


Giving the love your early ...

Shane Hatton, is a leading light in leadership and culture....

Are you ready to dive deep into a topic that's been whispered about for far too long?

Join Cookie from Cuppa is, Georgie Drury and Dr. Nicole Avard from Metluma, as we pull back the curtain on an experience that touches many but is spoken about by few: menopause.

In this heart-to-heart, we're not just breaking taboos; we're shattering them. We're talking about the real impact of menopause on the brilliant women in our workplaces. From the boardroom to the break room, it's time to bring this conversation out into the open.

Watch the replay here

Why Listen? Because understanding is the first step to action. Whether you're navigating these waters yourself or you're an ally wanting to support those who are, there's something in this chat for you.

"Knowledge is power, and in the realm of menopause, it's the power to thrive, not just survive." - A gem from our conversation that we promise will resonate with you.

Expect to gain and understanding of:

  • The myths vs. the reality of menopause.

  • The difference between perimenopause and menopause 

  • Latest data and research

  • Practical tips for employers and colleagues to create a supportive environment.

  • Why menopause should be on every business's agenda.

  • Personal stories and expert insights that enlighten and inspire.

But that's not all. We're peeling back the layers on how businesses can and should adapt to support the diversity of their team members, creating a more inclusive and understanding workplace culture.

Ready to be part of the change? 

  1. Watch this replay and share it with others in your workplace

  2. Access the Dealing with Menopause support course for yourself or provide to your team Find out more here

  3. Let and Metluma help your business and the women inside it thrive by sending an enquiry here


Menopause Is Your Business

Are you ready to dive deep into a topic that's been whispered...

Join the 'The Business Brew' community for free and get access to this fascinating discussion with Hiam Sakakini, focusing on the art of crafting a workplace where safety and support are paramount.

In this engaging snackable moment, we explore a vital question: What role do teams play in creating a nurturing environment, beyond the efforts of leadership? Hiam introduces us to the concept of a 'social contract' among team members, emphasizing the importance of establishing mutual expectations. This foundation fosters trust and facilitates open dialogue, essential elements for a healthy team dynamic.

But there's more to it than just teamwork mechanics. It's about those defining moments in our careers that fill us with pride. How do we navigate the inevitable challenges and disagreements that surface? And how can both leaders and team members ensure that every voice is heard and valued?

Through thoughtful insights, Hiam guides us through these intricate questions, encouraging us to delve deeper into what it means to be part of a truly inclusive and supportive team environment.

This conversation is an essential listen for anyone looking to make a positive impact in their workplace culture. Join us to uncover the keys to a healthier, more vibrant work environment.


Creating a safe workplace c...

Join the 'The Business Brew' community for free and get access...

Explore the transformative insights with Clint Pulver on the nuanced differences between managing, leading, and mentoring for impactful organisational culture

Ever wondered what truly separates a manager from a leader... and then, where does a mentor fit into the mix? 🤔 Dive into a fascinating chat with Clint Pulver, a maestro of organisational culture, as we peel back the layers of what makes each role unique and indispensable. In this eye-opening conversation, Clint shares insights that challenge the conventional wisdom, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic's shake-up of the workplace.

Are you leading, managing, or mentoring? And more importantly, how does each approach impact your team's loyalty, productivity, and overall happiness? We're not giving away the secrets just yet, but get ready for some revelations that might just redefine how you view your role within your organization.

Click play below and join the business brew to uncover the subtle art of truly effective leadership - It's about more than just guiding the ship; it's about caring for everyone on board. 🚀


Unlocking the Secrets of Le...

Ever wondered what truly separates a manager from a leader......
February 29

Organisational responsibility in the digital age

In our hyper-connected world, the boundaries between our online and offline lives are blurring. But as we embrace this digital age, are organisations doing enough to safeguard their teams? In our thought-provoking 'Eggshell' conversation with digital empowerment expert Yasmin London we explored the role of organisational responsibility in the digital landscape.

Watch the free replay here

First things first, have you ever considered the impact of the online world on your team's well-being? Yasmin shares a startling insight: "96% of deepfakes are pornographic in nature and 99% include women." It's clear that the digital realm is not just a playground but also a battleground, especially for women. How is your organisation addressing this?

But it's not just about deepfakes. The online disinhibition effect, as Yasmin explains, is where "people are more willing to say or do things online that they would never do in a face-to-face situation." This can lead to a toxic online environment that spills over into the workplace. Are you fostering digital resilience among your team to navigate these challenges?

Now, here's the million-pound question: What is your organisation doing to support employees facing online abuse, even if it happens outside of work? Yasmin emphasises the importance of creating safe spaces for conversations and providing resources for online safety. "It's not just about responsibility," she says, "it's about doing what's right."

So, let's reflect. Is your organisation proactive in educating and protecting your team in the digital world? Are you fostering an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and empowered, both online and offline?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this crucial topic. Let's keep the conversation going and work together to make the digital age a safer and more inclusive space for all.

Watch the free episode by clicking below


Navigating the Cyber Minefi...

In our latest Eggshell conversation, we had the pleasure of...