January 28

Let's Talk Gender Equality: Beyond the Visible Barriers

Let’s have a real chat about gender equality. It's a topic we've all heard about, but there's so much more beneath the surface. Did you know that, according to Sandra D'Souza, author of "From Bias to Equity," a whopping 30% of men in Australia don’t even think gender inequality is a thing? It’s like we’re looking at an iceberg with most of it hidden underwater.

Now, when it comes to the workplace, it's not just about blatantly saying "no" to women. Sandra makes a great point about unintentional bias. It's the kind of bias that sneaks up on you, influencing decisions without you even realising it. Think about it – how often have we seen a boardroom or a leadership team and it's just men as far as the eye can see? It’s not always about deliberate exclusion; it’s these invisible barriers that are the real culprits.

Here’s a kicker – both men and women are guilty of this bias. We're all more likely to hire a male over a female, even without meaning to. Sandra throws in this fascinating stat: when there are more women in the final round of a hiring process, their chances of getting the job shoot up. Now, that’s food for thought!

So, what’s the game plan? Well, it starts with us. We need to look at our own biases, be it at work or in our daily lives. Companies, especially, need to do some soul-searching. Are they really giving everyone a fair shot? It's not just about checking boxes for diversity; it's about creating a space where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive.

But remember, this isn’t just a 'women's issue.' It’s about all of us. When we embrace gender equality, we’re not just helping women; we’re enriching our communities, businesses, and even our personal lives with diverse perspectives and ideas.

What to do next

  • Join the community and watch the snackable conversation with Sandra below

  • Invite your team to our International Women's Day conversation in which Sandra will be joined by Gill Hicks and women's financial guru Betsy Westcott. Click here to find out more

Let's keep this conversation going and work towards a world where gender equality isn't just a goal, but a reality. What do you say?


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