February 04

Understanding Where Businesses Stumble in DE&I Efforts

In an eye-opening video discussion with Yvonne Kelly from Glow Up Careers, we delve into a critical yet often overlooked aspect of business success: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). Many businesses profess commitment to DE&I, but how many truly succeed? This conversation explores the pitfalls and missteps businesses often encounter.

The Subtle Traps of Unconscious Bias and Inadequate Strategies

Yvonne Kelly uncovers the layers of unconscious biases that permeate corporate cultures, often unnoticed. These biases are not just about workforce diversity but also about the ingrained habits and perceptions that hinder true inclusivity. Drawing inspiration from James Clear's 'Atomic Habits', the discussion highlights how habitual thinking patterns can obstruct DE&I efforts.

Real Stories, Real Failures, and Real Lessons

The conversation brings to light real-life stories that exemplify where businesses go wrong in their DE&I journey. From the experiences of migrants like Anna Das Gupta to those of refugees, these narratives expose the gaps between well-intentioned policies and their practical implementation.

A Misguided Approach to DE&I

One critical point Yvonne emphasises is the superficial approach many companies take toward DE&I. Celebrating diversity during specific events or through token gestures is not enough. The conversation challenges businesses to move beyond performative actions to foster genuine inclusivity.

The Risk of Complacency in DE&I

The video serves as a wake-up call for businesses that are complacent in their DE&I efforts. It's not enough to have diverse teams; what matters is how these teams are integrated, valued, and heard within the organisation. Yvonne Kelly urges businesses to actively confront and dismantle the structural barriers that impede true equity and inclusion.

A Must-Watch for Forward-Thinking Businesses

For businesses aiming to make a real difference in their DE&I initiatives, this video is an essential watch. It's a resource for understanding the common failures in DE&I efforts and learning how to address them effectively.

Be Part of the Solution

Watching this conversation should be the first step in a larger journey of transformation. We encourage business leaders and teams to reflect on their DE&I practices, identify areas of improvement, and commit to making meaningful changes.

Join Us in Making DE&I a Reality

We invite you to watch this insightful 'snackable' conversation with Yvonne Kelly. Let it be the catalyst for change in your organisation's approach to DE&I.

If you want to watch the full episode you can here

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