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Wednesday 19th June | 12pm (AEST)


Maintaining Poise Under Pressure: The Paramedic Mindset

Discover the unique psychology of frontline heroes and learn how their mindsets can be applied to high-stress environments in any field, maintaining that key element of “poise”. Examine how they cultivate unwavering focus, rapid problem-solving skills, and the ability to stay calm in the chaos of crisis situations. This is a skill that can absolutely be learned and something we should train for ourselves. 

Wednesday 26th June | 12pm (AEST)


Energy: Get it. Guard it. Give it.

One of our most valuable assets is the energy we give and receive. Keynote speaker and author of Energy: Get it. Guard it. Give it., Lisa O’Neill, helps readers find new energy, live an excellent life and increase their impact in the world. In this guide on mastering personal energy. Lisa encourages self-awareness to recognize what depletes our energy and offers strategies to recharge and maintain vitality across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.

Thursday 27th June | 12pm (AEST)


Trauma and Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Join Yemi Penn, as we delve into the triggering impact of personal trauma on creating psychologically safe workplaces. In an era marked by generational trauma and recent events—from referendum outcomes to global conflicts and mass redundancies—the need for understanding and integration in our professional environments has never been more crucial.

Wednesday 3rd July | 12pm (AEST)


Victoria Vanstone invites us into her life and experience with alcohol and the roles it’s played throughout her life. She gives us an outlook filled with laughter and relatable  moments from youth to relationships with partners to becoming a parent for the first time.

Thursday 4th July | 12pm (AEST)


Join us for a pre NAIDOC week special show in which we will be celebrating this years theme of Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud & Proud.

The theme honours the enduring strength and vitality of First Nations culture – with fire a symbol of connection to Country, to each other, and to the rich tapestry of traditions that define Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Wednesday 10th July | 12pm (AEST)


On the journey of her mother’s early-onset Alzheimer's disease, author, Kerri Kitay, along with her family discovered hard earned knowledge and dealt with the extreme pain of watching their loved one fade away. Kerri very candidly lends her insight on the journey from prognosis to realizing the signs they missed to forging a stronger than ever bond with her family through grief. 

Wednesday 17th July | 12pm (AEST)


Life Goes On - How We Survive and Support One Another

What does it mean to survive survival? For many that is the hardest part. Author of Life Goes On and cancer survivor, Megan Maurice, beautifully addresses this and what happens once you survive.

Wednesday 24th July | 12pm (AEST)


MILK: The Untold Story

Jump into MILK: The truth, the lies and the unbelievable story of the original superfood where author Matthew Evans debunks the fascinating world of milk, a staple in households worldwide. Who knew there were so many underlying parameters regarding this drink from politics, to geography, to fashion and beyond. 

Thursday 25th July | 12pm (AEST)


The Missing Piece in the

Climate Puzzle

Join us for a riveting episode of "Eggshells" as we sit down with Tim Hodgson, the visionary behind My Net Zero, to tackle one of the most pressing issues in the corporate world today.

Tuesday 30th July | 12pm (AEST)


Exhausted ➡️ Energised

An enlightening show featuring the esteemed Nutritional Neuroscientist, Dr. Delia McCabe. This session addresses the pressing issue of modern exhaustion, uncovering its profound impact on our lives and workplaces.

Wednesday 31st July | 12pm (AEST)


Go on a journey into the heart of ecotourism and its transformative impact on wildlife conservation and local communities globally. In his book Wild Quests: Journeys into Ecotourism and the Future for Animals author Satyajit Das emphasises the duty we have to not only enjoy the benefits of greeting these animals up close and personal, but to observe and learn the responsibilities we have to their natural habitats and conservation. 

Wednesday 7th August | 12pm (AEST)


From Body Burnout to Finding Your Spark

In a world where being overworked and perpetually busy is often celebrated, Filipa Bellette, an award-winning Functional Medicine Practitioner and Trauma Therapist, exposes the critical impact this lifestyle has on high-achieving women.

Thursday 8th August | 12pm (AEST)


Elevating emotional and social intelligence is a game changer for the performance of any team. Linked to this, feeling heard, understood and accepted is essential to every team member knowing that they are valued and appreciated.

Friday 9th August | 12pm (AEST)


It's our responsibility to honor and learn from the rich cultural traditions of Indigenous communities around the world. The International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples provides a special opportunity to celebrate & acknowledge the contributions of these communities.

Thursday 15th August | 12pm (AEST)


One of our biggest barriers to success is our self-talk and confidence in the face of challenges. Build your team’s confidence to lean into uncertainty and be more courageous with the science of growth mindset. We’ll be joined by psychologist and social researcher Susan Mackie, Founder of The Growth Mindset to learn simple strategies to understand our fixed mindset triggers to foster a winning team mindset.

Friday 25th August | 12pm (AEST)


Join our Wear it Purple Day conversation to celebrate and promote diversity, inclusion, and acceptance for the LGBTIQA+ community. By wearing purple and raising awareness, we can show support for those who may feel marginalised or excluded.

Monday 2nd September | 12pm (AEST)

Join us in this engaging and interactive masterclass conversation focused on Work-Life Balance for Dads, just in time for Father's Day. We will delve into the unique challenges faced by fathers in maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and home life and how to be careful on falling into the provider syndrome.

Tuesday 3rd September | 12pm (AEST)


Did you know that women tend to live longer than men, but often experience more health challenges as they age? In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, women are more likely to experience depression, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases. This makes prioritizing women's health and wellbeing all the more important.

Thursday 12th September | 12pm (AEST)


Join our RUOK Day! masterclass to learn how to build deeper, authentic connections beyond the traditional "RUOK?" conversation.

Our expert will provide practical tips for strengthening the conversation if someone is struggling with their mental health. This part story-telling and part educational masterclass is not to be missed.

Thursday 10th October | 12pm (AEDT)


In this compassionate conversation, we delve into the realm of anxiety and illuminate a path towards supporting well-being and reclaiming inner peace.

Through expert guidance and practical strategies, individuals discover powerful tools to manage and alleviate anxiety, including cognitive reframing, mindfulness techniques, self-care practices and seeking the right support.

Thursday 24th October | 12pm (AEDT)


Teams and organisations who are clear on their purpose and impact are proven to outperform those who haven’t done this important piece of work. Taking this to the next level means coaching each member of your team to connect their individual purpose to your team’s purpose.

Thursday 7th November | 12pm (AEDT)


Career conversations can be daunting and overwhelming. It’s no wonder we often spend less time planning our careers than our next holiday.

By joining this conversation you’ll leave your people better than you found them by equipping your team with the confidence, tools and conversations to take ownership of their careers, be more confident and do more of what they love.

Tuesday 19th November | 12pm (AEDT)


Join our International Men's Day (November 19th) masterclass to learn practical steps for improving men's physical and mental health, and highlighting positive male role models to inspire participants.

Thursday 28th November | 12pm (AEDT)


Join us as we challenge conventional relationship advice and arm participants with simple strategies to take the quality of their connections to another level - whether that’s with their romantic partners, children, parents, friends, colleagues or superiors.

Tuesday 3rd December | 12pm (AEDT)


Join us in celebrating International Day of People with Disability by attending our conversation on creating inclusive workplaces that value and accommodate abilities.

This day is a reminder of the importance of creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities in the workforce. Companies with inclusive hiring practices have a 30% higher revenue per employee and a 2x higher net income compared to those that do not. Let's work towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace for all.

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Cuppa has partnered with Glow Up Careers to put on a special lunch and learn for you and your team as part of Refugee Week celebrations.

Refugee Week serves as a powerful reminder that we all share a collective responsibility to extend a helping hand, offer sanctuary, and create an environment where every person can rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.


LIVE and IN PERSON at International Towers in Barangaroo for Men's Health Week.

Join Cuppa host Cam Merchant for an exclusive panel conversation with TV presenter, Cancer survivor and Mental Health Advocate Barry Du Bois and the Project Manager of the Australian Men's Shed Association, Stuart Torrance as we explore all things related to Men's Health.


Easy Target: Resilience Unleashed

From the depths of despair to becoming a beacon of hope, author Adam Blum shares his incredible story that is not just about surviving but thriving in the face of adversity. Adam's story in Easy Target: Taming the Black Dog includes the real-life steps he took to transform his life, providing you with practical strategies for dealing with your own issues and traumas. Offering more than just inspiration; it offers a roadmap for personal change.


Pride Month is more than a personal celebration; it is a call for empathy and compassion.

It serves as a poignant reminder that every individual, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves respect and understanding. Compassion encourages us to listen, learn, and stand against discrimination and prejudice. By fostering a culture of empathy, we contribute to creating a world that embraces inclusivity and acceptance.


Embrace Your Introvert

In a world that often favors the outgoing and extroverted, Quietly Confident is a powerful guide for introverts to discover their unique strengths and confidently embrace their inherent worth. Career coach and self-professed introvert Kate James takes us on a transformative journey, offering practical strategies and insightful perspectives to help introverts thrive in both their personal and professional lives.


Want to be a part of a safe and connected team?

In this practical session you’ll apply the science of positive psychology through practical strengths-based coaching techniques.


Silent Voices in Your Business

Are you prepared to confront the silent epidemic stifling your team's potential? Silent Voices is not merely a conversation; it's an urgent call for leaders brave enough to shatter the chains of conformity and unleash the raw power of authentic conversation in your workplace.


Unlock: Improve Team Engagement and Productivity

In a world where nearly 60% of global employees are disengaged, costing the economy trillions, author of Unlock: Engage the Seemingly Unengaged, Ishan Galapathy brings an urgent and timely approach to business management. Gain methods of how to engage these quiet quitters — employees who seem disengaged but are merely untapped resources, waiting for the right motivation and leadership to shine.


The National Reconciliation Week theme for 2024, Now More Than Ever, is a reminder to all of us that no matter what, the fight for justice and the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will —and must —continue.

Watch the replay of this special conversation with Indigenous leader, author and storyteller Paul Callaghan as he welcomes in Worimi (Aboriginal) man, Joshua Gilbert.


Turning the Tide - Igniting the Power of Change

With the sheer determination of the olympian she is author of Turning the Tide, Michelle Ford, shows us how one can make a difference in the face of adversity on one of the world's biggest stages. As an 800 metres swimming gold medalist, focused on the 1980 Moscow Olympics, set against the backdrop of Cold War tensions, doping scandals amongst other athletes, she faced many challenges.


Paperback Therapy - Tools for Mastering Your Mental Health

Dive into a discussion that's all about making therapy accessible, overcoming personal challenges, and the practical tools you can use to enhance your mental health.


Stress management for working mums!

Join host Laura Piccardi and special guest Fleur Marks, in a special conversation aimed at empowering mums with effective stress management tools. Fleur Marks, a resilience beacon and well-being advocate, shares her journey and insights to help mums thrive amidst work and family life's juggle.


The Great Equilibrium to Work and Life

Through a mix of expert interviews, real-life case studies, and practical advice, author of Is Your Boss Making You Sick? David Lee, uncovers the toxic traits that can transform a workplace into a health hazard and explores strategies for individuals to safeguard their well-being.


In this gripping tale, author Tracy Hall details her entanglement with Hamish Watson, a charismatic yet insidious con man whose deceptive web ensnared countless victims across the globe. We delve into the psychological warfare between Tracy, a resilient woman who refuses to be broken, and Hamish, a master of manipulation whose ultimate betrayal is as shocking as it is devastating.


Planning a Happy and Financially Secure Retirement

Join financial expert Drew Meredith as he guides you through the essential steps to a fulfilling and financially secure retirement. Throughout this discussion he'll discuss boosting your wellbeing with early planning and how financial literacy, especially regarding retirement can provide you the freedom you crave later in life.


Find the Magic by Turning Right

Are you ready to achieve beyond your expectations and find the magic in yourself? Kay Bretz demonstrates the transformative power of taking unexpected paths in life.


"Are You Causing Your Staff's Overwhelm, and Why Is It Costing Your Business Success?"

Join Dr. Delia McCabe, a luminary in the fields of nutritional neuroscience and psychology, as we delve into the staggering realities of the modern workplace.


Secrets to Powerful Communication

Explore the nuances of effective and mindful communication for those who aspire to deepen their interpersonal relationships and enhance their communicative prowess.


Self Permission over Self Discipline

Does the concept of self discipline make you feel like you're hitting a wall? Shift your mindset to permission & empowerment by trusting your own intuition and wisdom with author of The Self Permission Method: How to Succeed in Life, Jaemin Frazer.


A treasure trove of strategies for turning the inevitable challenges of today's fast-paced world into opportunities for growth and innovation.

With proven strategies, author Martin Bean, offers tools for the uncertain world of leadership and adversity.


What distractions are getting in the way of your team doing their best work?

During this conversation we will help you tame your technology habits and get ready to thrive! 


During this inspiring conversation on World Harmony Day, we came together to honor the beauty of diversity and foster harmonious connections among individuals from all walks of life. A must watch!


Embrace your emotional resilience.

With thoughtful guidance & metaphors, Dr. Jane Foster, offers a a game changing approach to improving your emotional intelligence.


Actionable insights, strategies, and the 'why now' that makes this conversation urgent and essential.

An eye-opener discussion that shifts menopause from a whispered topic to a boardroom discussion.

Ever wondered what autism can teach us about the beauty of being different? Grab a cuppa and settle in for a cosy, enlightening conversation with the remarkable Jodi Rodgers, author of "Unique - What Autism Can Teach Us About Difference, Connection and Belonging".


Ever felt like you're running a never-ending race, chasing success but somehow always winding up exhausted and a bit lost? You're not alone, and we've got just the remedy you need with Chibs Okereke!


Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.

Achieving gender equity in the workplace is not just a moral imperative, but a smart business decision. Join Gill Hicks, Sandra D'Souza and Betsy Westcott for this important conversation on International Women's Day


Authenticity transforms the way you live, love and succeed.

By discussing career & life aspirations concurrently, Jo Wagstaff brings authentic leadership to the forefront. 

A must watch for Women in business


In an era where technology intertwines with daily business operations, the importance of helping ourselves and those in our teams to be more 'cyber aware' is critical.

Watch this incredible conversation with Yasmin London


Light It: How to trust your intuition and thrive

Tired of feeling disconnected from your intuition? Being connected online 24/7 leads to increased levels of stress and burnout, especially for entrepreneurs and leaders who often prioritise their ‘hustle’. 

Watch this conversation with Laetitia Andrac


We delve deep into one of the greatest confidence killers experienced by most people - insecurity.

For the price of a Cuppa join 'Insecurity expert' Jaemin Frazer to tackle what is holding you back in life and career.


Be Your Own Leadership Coach

Many leaders dream of having a leadership coach, but what happens if you can’t access a coach in the moment you need one?

Leading executive coach Karen Stein shares some powerful self-coaching strategies anyone can utilise.


Relationships take many forms, and these days couples often have to navigate new social and financial issues. How do you split costs? What happens if it doesn't work out? How do you talk about money without killing the romance?


Ignite the power of your team as you embark on a successful year ahead.

Join Cuppa host Sean Hall and leadership and culture expert Shane Hatton on an incredible conversation on how to win in 2024


In this honest and enlightening tale, Commodore Peter Scott shares his quest for self-acceptance, and for the courage, commitment and compassion to lead the warriors of Australia’s Silent Service.


Despite the talk around DE&I we explore the bridge that still exists around action. 

Yvonne Kelly from Glow Up Careers joined Cookie for an Eggshell conversation on this important topic


Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you long for more purpose? More freedom? More autonomy? Even more joy?

We spend over 80,000 hours of our life at work, so strengths coach Charlotte Blair is here to share her top tips to follow your passion and reach your full potential.


After a long day of sitting at work, your body aches, you have no energy, you’re drained of creativity and your mood has hit rock bottom. But that’s just part of your job, right? Wrong! It doesn’t have to be that way.

Workplace wellness expert Lizzie Williamson shares her top tips to prioritise active habits and take control of your physical and mental wellbeing at work.


How often do you find yourself waking on a Monday morning promising yourself a ‘detox week’ after a boozy weekend? How often do you find yourself back in that same place, at 5pm on a weekday, pouring a ‘cheeky glass’ just to ‘take the edge off’ after a busy and stressful day?

Accredited grey area drinking coach Sarah Rusbatch shares some top tips to create the life you love, alcohol-free.


Dr. Gina Cleo unveils the mysteries behind why we stick to certain routines, the struggle to break unhealthy habits, and the surprising truth about the widely believed "21-day habit formation myth.


Australian Olympic Gold Medalist, Kerri Pottharst shares the secrets behind setting goals that set you up for success.


A powerful conversation on Gender Equality with Sandra D'Souza. The statistics in this conversation will show you just how far we have to go and why change needs to start now. 

The always inspiring Gill Hicks joined us for a very important chat on International Day of People with Disabilities.


Want to learn more about healthy eating for families, how to do it on a budget and food myth busting?

Clinical nutritionist, Sarah Di Lorenzo joined us for a Cuppa


Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary life you truly deserve? 

Watch this episode with Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander as we explore what we need to do to ELEVATE our human potential. 

It's time to take Men's Health seriously.

On International Men's Day we heard the incredible story of Hugo Toovey. This conversation is a must watch with many insights and practical tools 


Want to master the art of ever changing minds? 

Then this cuppa is just for you. Join Cookie, as he sits down with trend forecaster, social researcher and best-selling author, Michael McQueen


Want to understand how your family made you, and how you can make yourself even better?

Family psychotherapist, Richard Hogan, joined us to help you discover how you can become the best version of yourself and break through generational trauma


Are you looking to accept hard truths, discover your self, and change your life?

We sit down with existential psychotherapist, consultant, writer, and columnist for USA Today, Sara Kuburic to discuss this very important topic


A powerful conversation with Indigenous leader and author Paul Callaghan on how we can move forward and heal post the voice referendum 


Looking for help with how to navigate a Toxic Work Environment? 

Author, David Gillespie chats with Cookie about how we can identify psychopaths in our organisations.  


Want to improve your personal brand or create a brand with your team? This conversation with Nicole Hatherly is for you


Are you ready to learn to invest your time and money better? 

Join fnancial educator, author and podcaster, Kate Campbell to discuss the notion that whilst money doesn’t eliminate challenges in life, it does have power to make them easier to face and overcome.


A powerful conversation with proud Indigenous man and mental health advocate Joe Williams on the current challenges that exist around mental health.


Want to have more confident mental health conversations that actually support both the wellbeing and performance of yourself, the people in your team and your organisation more broadly?

Join award-winning author and leadership expert, Fleur Heazlewood.


Are you ready to become a courageous leader and learn how to take risks, defy limitations and inspire the extraordinary?

A must watch conversation with police forensic investigator Peter Baines OAM.


Are you ready to outperform your default self to gain your super powers?

Ella Zhang is a passionate, strategic change maker, facilitator and executive coach and this conversation shares incredible insights and wisdom in which all leaders should watch!


Financial stress affects more than just your wallet; it touches your mental well-being, relationships, and work productivity.

A very important conversation to watch and share with David Koch and Betsy Westcott


Are you ready to learn the lessons on the art of self-love and love for others?

Grab a Cuppa and watch out conversation with Lisa Sarayeldin, an Author, Relationship Coach for Men, Professional Speaker, and Master NLP Practitioner on this topic.


Discover the art of S.A.F.E conversations around mental health with Bill Carson. With over 650 hours at Lifeline and 250+ mental health training workshops under his belt, Bill offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Are you ready to help yourself or those in your team to break free of the boxes that postcode, skin colour, gender and bank balance put you and them in?

This cuppa is a rebel yell to ambitious women and girls hungry for more.


Wanting to learn more about Menopause? 

Members can enjoy this expert panel we hosted during Women's Health Week 

Want to learn more about how we can keep our children safe online?

Award winning author and journalist, Madonna King shares some incredible insights from her book 'Saving Our Kids'


Want to build better relationships with your kids? 

Cam Merchant was joined by Kamal Sarma on an important conversation around the roles and expectations of fatherhood. 


Find yourself in need of hope or a new sense of purpose in your life?

Author, journalist and editor, Ben McKelvey joined us as he discusses finding hope through life's challenges.


Kaya Wilson shared his incredible identity journey with us for Wear it Purple Day. An insightful conversation to celebrate and promote diversity, inclusion, and acceptance for the LGBTIQA+ community.


Curious to learn communication, connection and emotional intelligence from the best?

Retired FBI Special Agent and Spy recruiter, Robin Dreeke helped us understand how we build trust and effective communication techniques.


Are you ready to rediscover your athlete within?

Watch this conversation with Dr Brett Lillie as he provides a practical guide to help you reconnect with your inner athlete.


Ready to learn how we can use critical thinking to protect ourselves against trusting the wrong people?

Then join Cookie as he opens the book with Annie McCubbin and dives into the fascinating dynamics behind why intelligent women sometimes fall prey to deceptive narratives and how the power of critical thinking can help unveil the truth.


An emotional conversation between Aboriginal and Māori cultures. Get your tissues ready as this is a conversation that had it all! A MUST WATCH


Are you looking to have an epic retirement? Learn the 6 components of what you should be thinking about with Bec Wilson

Join us for the gut-wrenching, heroic story of how one of Australia’s finest surfers, Owen Wright overcame brain injury and despair to win an Olympic medal.

Hosted by Kerri Pottharst


Join Cookie as he sits down with author and recruitment specialist, Nina Mapson Bone who provides a practical guide to help unlock your unique path to career fulfilment.


Join us for a cuppa with Westfield Local Hero, Gavin Blue, Founder of Heartfelt, a charity that he set up after tragically losing his daughter Alexandra to stillbirth in 2006. Gavin founded Heartfelt as her legacy, to provide free photographic memories for families to treasure.


Are you ready to simplify your work and life admin with AI?

If you're curious about how ChatGPT can help you handle your everyday load, whether that's at work or at home, then watch this informational conversation with productivity coach, Donna McGeorge.


Want to learn more about optimum nutrition for brain and gut health?

Nutrition is a key factor in supporting overall wellbeing, preventing burnout and managing stress. That's why our conversation with Dr Delia McCabe on Nutrition for Brain and Gut health is definitely one to watch


Want to reach the goals in your life?

Then we have you covered! We sat down with adventurer Paul Watkins where we peeled back the layers on how we deal with 'failure', why motivation doesn't equal discipline and how we let society undervalue us.


Do you have a difficult person in your life? 

Then we have just the show for you! Join Dr Rebecca Ray, a clinical psychologist, author and speaker to discuss her latest book, Difficult People. 

Ready to learn how a tragic accident led to a miraculous new life? 

We opened the book with Brad Guy, a content creator, mental health advocate and motivational speaker who shares his incredible journey to where he is today through his book "Freefall". 


A powerful conversation between Indigenous leaders Paul Callaghan and Dwayne Bannon-Harrison takes center stage during NAIDOC week.

Watch, listen and learn from their wisdom 


Are you ready uncover your radical self-care in the age of burnout?

Then we have you covered as Cookie opens the book with mental health expert and strategist, Mark Butler. 


What a memorable conversation with ultra marathon runner and philanthropist Pat Farmer AM as he took the time on his run around Australia (14,400km's) raising awareness for the YES vote in the up coming The Voice referendum. 


Do you or your team need to develop a growth mindset? Susan Mackie, Co-founder of the Growth Mindset Institute joined Cuppa host Sean Hall on a very powerful conversation on this topic. 

Ready to learn and talk more about ageing?

Watch this very informative conversation with clinical psychologist, Melissa Levi, as we broach the often unspoken conversation of what happens to us as we age. 


Watch this incredible panel tackle the important conversations around Men's Health as part of Men's Health Week 2023. 

We explored all aspects of this years theme of 'Health Habits' 


Want to learn the art and science behind thriving teams? 

Join author Adrian Baillargeon as he shares some incredible advice for this modern and ever evolving working environment. 


Ready to learn how to master every moment and live an audacious life with Kate Christie?

Watch this replay with Kate Christie and learn the importance of creating your own 'Life List'. 


The Series is called 'A Cuppa with Westfield Local Heroes' where Cuppa host, Maritza Barone, interviewed Westfield Local Hero, Leighton Bradfield, Founder of 20talk, a mental health charity which aims to reduce the suicide rate among young Australians.


Ready to take your career to the next level?

The journey from being a team member to a people leader is a challenging one, filled with obstacles that can be difficult to overcome. In this Cuppa conversation, Shane Hatton, an experienced leadership coach and author, shared his insights on the barriers new leaders face and strategies to overcome them.


Are you ready to be your best and succeed through self disruption?

Watch this replay Anne Duggan discusses the importance of self-disruption in today's constantly evolving and competitive world. It's time for you to be courageous! 


A powerful and moving conversation about reconciliation with Indigenous leaders Paul Callaghan and Lorina Barker. 

A must watch for all Australian's


Ready to learn how you can overcome the challenges and biases that may be holding you back in your career?

Watch this Cuppa on "Gender Penalty" by Anneli Blundell, a thought-provoking book that explores the impact of gender bias on women's career advancement.


Ready to learn how to lead in our modern and ever-changing working world?

As the world of work continues to evolve, it's becoming increasingly important for leaders to be adaptable & agile.

Tune into this expert conversation


In need of a parenting style that advocates eat, sleep, play, love? 

Then, join us as we delve into the themes of "Eat, Sleep, Play, Love" written by Dr Preeya Alexander - an evidence-based, non-judgemental, and refreshingly honest guide to your child's first two years.


Wanting to learn how to balance motherhood, work and personal life?

Our members only conversations on the Mothers Juggle with Dr Rebecca Ray had some incredible advise and tools for you to implement.


Watch this inspiring conversation with Paralympian & World Champion Para-snowboarder Joany Badenhort & Kerri Pottharst. 

Motivating, Inspiring and Humbling


Neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay and Cuppa host Cookie breakdown the stigma around Baby Brain and other important topics for new mums. 

A must watch for any expecting or new mothers. 


Watch this heartwarming and inspiring conversation with Camille & Joseph from Esuarve who were grant recipients from Westfield Local Heroes.


What you need to know about 'Psychological Safety' and how to improve team performance with Sean Hall & Hiam Sakakini. 

An important conversation for all leaders in business


Feeling burnt out and in need of more balance in your life?

Then join Cookie and Melo Carlarco as they opened the book and delve into the world of burnout and discover practical ways to regain balance in our lives.

What do you want to do differently this year? Grow your

career? Get better with money? Put yourself first? Reboot your

love life? 2023 should be all about making Smart Moves.

Watch this Open Book with author and entrepreneur, Téa Angelos who shares some incredible advice. 

Are you addicted to technology? Do you want some research led and practical tools to help tame your tech habits? 

Did you know that we spend 17.5 years of our waking life on a mobile phone?!

We opened the book with leading technology & digital expert Dr Kristy Goodwin on the topic of Dear Digital, We need to talk.


Are you curious to find out how you can heal a workplace trauma and improve psychological safety?

Then you won't want to miss this 30-minute replay with Cookie and workplace mental health specialist and best-selling author, Kerry Howard



Are you ready to define your values, set boundaries and improve self-care? This is a must watch Cuppa


Are you ready to learn leadership principles from First Nation Societies for modern leadership? 

Watch this replay to find out the key attributes you should consider implementing. 


'A Cuppa with Westfield Local Heroes'

Watch this powerful conversation to HALT the cycle of domestic violence with Lloyd Clarke who is the co-founder of the charity Small Steps 4 Hannah Foundation.


Ready to embrace discomfort for better health in the modern world?

Watch this incredible interview with Paul Taylor, renowned exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and neuroscientist. "Death by Comfort - How modern life is killing us and what we can do about it".


Are you ready to elevate you own creativity? 

Join Professor David Alais for an enlightening conversation on how to maintain fresh and original thinking in an uncertain world.

Are you ready to be taken on a journey through storytelling and wisdom, woven into a deeper understanding of what Harmony really means?

Join this 45-minute session held by inspirational Indigenous Leader Paul Callaghan and Indigenous Elder Uncle Paul Gordon and their yarn on what 'Harmony' means through an Aboriginal lens.

Are you ready to create healthier and happier habits?

Join us for a cuppa and exciting conversation with leading mindset coach and author of "Curious Habits," Luke Mathers.

Learn why we form habits and how to break them for good.

Members Only

Want to unlock more energy and increase your productivity through healthier sleeping habits?

Join Summer Land as she helped us wake up to the habits and solutions that will improve our sleep.


Are you fighting for something in your life but suffering from self-doubt or lack of courage to tackle it head on? 

Watch this replay with Nadine Champion on how you can get 10 Seconds Of Courage


What a way to close our IWD special! Check out the replay 

Holly Ransom is a globally renowned keynote speaker, disruption strategist and advocate for social and economic inclusion.

Her mission is to break open the notion that leadership is exclusive.


What a powerful conversation on IWD... must watch

Associate Professor Dr Catherine Ball is a global business pioneer, advisor, author, company director, and strategic futurist working across global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, education, and environmental needs.


Emily Unity is a lived and living experience professional who is passionate about advocating for the human rights of all people, regardless of background, identity, or intersectionality.

Enjoy this replay


Watch the replay of our first incredible voice on International Women's Day

Ronni Kahn AO is a South-African born Australian social entrepreneur who founded the food rescue charity OzHarvest.


In need of an act of kindness in your life?

Watch this replay as Cookie as he catches up with Kath Koschel as part of the Cuppa.TV Open Book Show where they will be discussing Kath's incredible story which is beautifully captured in her book 'KINDNESS'.

Want to reset your vision and values?

Elevate your Leadership with Mike Morgan who is the Senior Vice President & Managing Director APAC at Insight and Shannah Kennedy & Colleen Callander, hosts of Cuppa's Leadership program.

This 45-minute session is designed to help you elevate your leadership, is jam packed with sharing personal leadership stories, tips and tools from both host and guests and a download available prior to the session. 

Do you lead with your head or your heart?

Join Cookie and Dr Kirstin Feguson for a 30-minute session on how to integrate your head and heart, and how that will influence your success in leading others and navigating our complex world.

Kirstin Ferguson is the author of Head & Heart, The Art of Modern Leadership.

Want to understand the true impact of waste and how we can rally as businesses and individuals to make a difference?

Join us in the lead up to Clean Up Australia Day for a nourishing conversation with the Chair of Clean Up Australia, Pip Kiernan and Good For The Hood host, Jo Taranto.

Are you ready for a career change?

Join Cookie and Shelley Johnson for a 30-minute session on how to navigate a career change or bounce back from redundancy.

Shelley is the co-author of Sort Your Career Out. Sort Your Career Out is your go-to guide for building a career that you love.

As the glitz and glam of Mardi Gras and Sydney WorldPride hit Australia in 2023 we will be opening out Cuppa doors to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community!

To help us do this we had the incredibly gifted and funny Cadance Bell (aka Cady) in to have a conversation with belonging host Gill Hicks. 

Why do we argue with the ones we love?

Author and relationship therapist Lissy Abrahams joined us to sharing insights into this important topic.

2024 Workplace trend report available now

2024 Workplace trend report available now

Join the business brew community and gain insights from dozens of our Cuppa experts.  

  • 2023 in reflection

  • 2024 top 5 challenges

  • Future predictions 

What our corporate customers are saying

Jim Batchelor

Cuppa has improved me not only as a leader but more importantly as a person, by exposing me to different and sometimes difficult conversations that it is often too easy to avoid.

Managing Director  - Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Christopher Youness

Collaborating with the Cuppa team has been a remarkable journey in identifying Australia’s best  and most diverse speakers for our business’s pivotal discussions. Their dedication to understanding and achieving our desired outcomes is truly commendable.

Chief People and Culture - City of Sydney

Lana Ledgerwood

For us, well-being is a learned thing. It’s about having the right skills and environment to rise above daily challenges with the right attitude and energy. Betsy Westcott and Cuppa have been invaluable in supporting us to develop these skills, more specifically, financial health and resilience. Together, we have been able to create a comprehensive financial well-being program that integrates interactive workshops with thought-provoking podcasts and a practically-oriented online 'Dealing with Financial Stress' course. The content,  presented by Betsy, is equipping our people with knowledge and confidence to better understand their relationship with money, navigate financial stress and build a healthier money mindset.

Talent & Organisational Capability at Charter Hall

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